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Fray Block and Fray Check

by Marilyn on March 5, 2014

Both of these are wonderful products for securing threads.  They work equally for securing threads and both dry clear.  Here is the difference.  Fray Block not only dries clear, but will be soft.  Fray Check dries clear but is hard.  If you have serged napkins, you put a drop of Fray Block on the stitches prior to cutting and then snip.  The result is that when the napkin is on your face, it will not be scratchy.  If you are working on an embroidery project and are securing threads on the back of a t-shirt, again there will not be the scratchy spot on your skin.  Often children do not want to wear things that we have made for them because they are "scratchy;” Fray Block will eliminate this problem.


Here are some other uses for these products.  Say you have decorative stitching on the front of a top and it is starting to ravel.  Simply apply a dot of Fray Block or Fray Check where the ravel is starting, then clip the thread.  I have had tops with sequins and the stitching is starting to pull out; a dot of either Fray Block or Fray Check will secure the stitch.  When I am clipping "jump" stitches on an embroidery project, I use a dot of either on both ends of the "jump" and then clip.

ay Block and Fray Check are both machine washable and dry cleanable.  Remember to always do a pre test first.

See how many more uses you can come up with!