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Our Journey

by Claudia on April 16, 2014

Yesterday was an interesting morning filled with super customers.  It made me reflect on what I love to do...interact with people.  It gave me hope for our future, which for everyone over the age of 50 wonders about at times.

My first customer of the day was a woman who needed sixteen four-inch squares for her child’s school project.  Often we have young students come in and I love it.  This particular supply need was new to me and I explained some options for the mom.  She picked out two bolts of fabric and asked me how she should cut it into four-inch squares.  I told her she could measure it out and use scissors, or the rotary blade method.  Her next question was where could she get this done?  This is where I felt it was the student's responsibility to work on their own project and answered it so.  I told her that “The boys are welcome to come in on their lunch break and use our cutting tools in the classroom; however, I feel they must do their own cutting, not you."   It came out a little garbled because I was inserting my foot in my mouth at the same time, but she understood.  She said they did not get much time for lunch and I soon realized that her children were not the high school students I assumed, but only eight years old.  With a very red face, I immediately told her that I would love to cut her blocks.  The thought of an eight-year-old using a rotary cutter was totally unacceptable.

Shortly after this mom left (and I removed my foot from my mouth), another mother and her daughter came in and wanted supplies for an embroidery project.  I got them transfers, dishtowels, floss, needles, and hoops and they left eager to start their first projects together.

All of these children were beginning their journey with needle, thread, and fabric.  Their road may lead them to simply being able to repair their belongings, or becoming the next great textile artist.  It is a worthy adventure.  I hope we all enjoy our journey and are able to bask in the compliments when we got it right and laugh at ourselves if we stumbled.