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Having Issues with Skipped Stitches?

by Claudia on February 26, 2014

We welcome customers who come in with problems and do our best to help solve them.  A few days ago we had a visit from someone who was experiences skipped stitches.  The first things I always recommend are changing the needle and rethreading both the top thread and the bobbin.  That is actually a great start for most problems.  However, we also have a wonderful little-known notion that is a great help.  It is called Sewer’s Aid and is made by Collins.  It is a clear, non-staining lubricant and you apply a drop on the sewing machine needle.  Sewer’s Aid helps reduce skipped stitching and friction heat of needle while sewing through heavy material and sheer fabric.  It is especially handy when you are sewing with fusible’s, sticky stabilizers, or spray adhesives that tend to “gunk” up your needle.


I did a little more investigation and found some other uses for this notion as well.

Apply it to the bottom of the presser foot to glide over fabrics more easily.
Apply it to HAND needles for smoother sewing and easier penetration of fabrics.
Apply it to scissors for easier cutting.

Use it on stubborn zippers.
And even use it to clean your eye glasses? (Now that is interesting).

I hope this helps you a bit and you come in today to get this handy notion.  You may want to have it on hand, just in case…