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BE Beginning Learning Kit #3

BE Beginning Learning Kit #3
Manufacturer #:321


Beginners Brazilian Embroidery Instruction Kit JDR Kit 3 (Print 321) Gerone Daisy

6" x 6"  Intended finished size.  Fabric is at least 9" x 9" The Gerone Daisy is actually a reinforcement of the pistil stitch that you learned in lesson # 2. But because the daisy is so often used in Brazilian Embroidery designs, and since it is a quick and easy flower it is important to spend a lesson on it. Also this flower lends itself well to “liven up” a blouse, dress or skirt as the thread washes very nicely. Stitches in this learning pattern: Stem stitch, couching, leaf stitch (alternating sating stitch) Reviews.  More help with bullions and the new stitch is the pistil stitch.  These all are easy Brazilian Embroidery stitches to learn.

Learning Kit 3 Gerone Daisy Fabric print JDR 321, directions, threads needed to do the design and the needles that you will need.