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BE Beginning Learning Kit #5

BE Beginning Learning Kit #5
Manufacturer #:316


Beginners Brazilian Embroidery Instruction Kit JDR Kit 5 (Print # 316) Rolled Roses

The new stitch taught in this lesson is the coral knot stitch.  Coral stitch is also known as coral knot.  Coral stitch is an old embroidery stitch which creates a line that looks like a row of knots. Coral stitch is used for outlines and follows a curved detail well.  We'll also work with the bullions learned in lesson #2, to make roses.  A review of the stitches taught in kit 1-4 are included in the directions. 

JDR 316 Rolled Roses Learning Kit 5 Fabric print, directions, threads to complete the Brazilian Embroidery design and the required milliner needles.  Thread colors may vary from package to package.